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Tai Chi on the Table (TCOTT) is an interaction between teacher and student designed to convey the health enhancement benefits of internal arts such as Tai Chi. A teacher facilitates changes by moving the student through a series of postures while the student is on a massage table.

Students who practice internal arts (tai chi, hsing-I, bagua, etc.) find their progress is greatly accelerated by the TCOTT lessons. Those who do not actively practice internal arts are able to experience many of their benefits through TCOTT. These benefits include:

  • Increased Range of Motion: All of us experience restrictions due to a lifetime of exposure to gravity, injury, and illness. TCOTT reduces these restrictions, bringing the student closer to his or her full, natural range of motion.
  • Greater Relaxation: Students are trained to focus their awareness throughout the body (total body awareness is characteristic of a high-level internal artist). As the student gains more skill, the focused attention can be used to actively release tension.
  • Improved Symmetry: A more symmetrical body can function with greater efficiency. When mirror aspects of the body are out of balance (e.g. different ranges of motion or levels of strength), the body will develop compensatory actions that can result in restrictions and further imbalances. The TCOTT system is designed to alleviate these imbalances by bringing improved symmetry to the student.
  • More Vitality: Decreased restrictions, greater relaxation, and the ability to function more efficiently will naturally increase the vitality of the student. Strength and energy inevitably improve when the body has less internal resistance.

All recipients experience core changes that improve overall well-being. Most students report significant improvement after their very first TCOTT lesson.

Certified TCOTT practitioners range from physicians and acupuncturists to martial arts instructors and corporate executives. Anyone can learn the basic levels and successfully assist others through TCOTT. Introductory and advanced instruction programs are available for those who wish to become practitioners of the system.

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